6v6 League


We feel your pain! There nothing worse than a game of 5 a side on a tiny pitch with the ball being smashed off the wall, where the majority of goals are scored via deflections and rebounds.

We believe in the beautiful game played by the likes of Barcelona, Ajax and Arsenal and as such our league is a 6 a side league on a spacious high quality astroturf pitch at Hartland International School. Scroll down for a little more info about our league:

League Format

League Table Format With Prizes (Decent Team Activity Prizes Not Cheap Trophies) For The Winners

3 Points For A Win, 1 For A Draw and 0 For A Loss (You Know The Drill)

Golden Boot Award For The Ronaldo Wannabee’s

Matches start on time irrelevant of numbers, leave time for Dubai Traffic!

No Shows go down as a 5-0 win to the team that was there.

Match Format

8 minute halves

No Throw Ins- we save your mate the embarrassment of a foul throw- balls out of play are passed back in from the touchline to keep the game flowing.

Conduct- leave your inner Roy Keane at home- this isn’t Sunday League, abuse, bad language and dangerous play won’t be tolerated.

Yellows- 2 minute sin bin
Reds- You’re Off

Venue, Timing and Schedule

8 Weeks AED400

Mondays From 7:00pm-8:00pm

Venue: Hartland International School Sports Pitch


Why Choose Us?

We Are Just
Like You

Our leagues are ran by people just like you! We are a business of 20-40 year old sporty people and play in the leagues ourselves. We plan our timings, scheduling and social gatherings around the busy work and social calendars of Dubai!

Instant Results Available

We upload the results from your fixtures on the night of the event to our website so you can log on when you get home or the next day in the office to see how you did!

High Quality Convenient Venues

With high quality venues across Dubai and a variety of activities we have something for everyone!

We Are Social!

We have socials at the end of each term with our partner F&B venues which are an absolute steal and always a great day out. A great chance to meet people from other leagues within the Sports DXB community.