About Us

Football DXB guarantees that your child with receive the highest quality football coaching from British, South African and Australian professionals, delivered in age based groups at some of the best and most convenient venues in Dubai. Our program is designed by Tom Green, who has had more than 8 years of football coaching experience in Dubai and Notts County & Derby County Academy player in the UK in his youth.

Our coaches all have a deep love of the game, not just down to passion for the sport but the understanding that skills learnt on the pitch can be applied to life and school beyond. Our team is built on the foundations of determination, teamwork and the willingness to work for personal and shared goals. These are values that are present at every training session, are key principles in our program and will help your child to learn and achieve their full potential in the sport.


Session Lengths, Pricing and Apparel

Ages 2-5 Years
50 minute sessions
12 Week Term- AED900

Ages 6-14 Years
1 hour sessions
12 Week Term- AED1000

Each child is given a branded Football DXB shirt and shorts on registration!
Discounts available for multiple terms, multiple children or multiple sessions per week!

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We are currently based at Hartland International School, an ideal location with easy access from both Marina and Downtown residences. The school also boasts state of the art facilities, including floodlit playing pitches currently under development.

Why Choose Us?

Aside from our excellent location and highly qualified English Football Association Certified coaches we believe that our team philosophy focusing on our core values and the fundamentals of football literacy are unparalleled.

Children will have the chance to gain a sound grounding in technique regarding our four key core skills whilst also getting the opportunity to practice their game in specially designed matches. By learning with us your child will be able to see real results not only in their own technique but how they play within a team, awareness of the game and their own self confidence.

We also provide flexible schedules for all abilities and offer all of our Football DXB Players free entry into our termly Football DXB Festival. We also pride ourselves in forming excellent relationships with not only the children we coach but the families that support us. By learning with us you can guarantee to stay up to date with your child’s training and see their progression from week to week. We’re excited to see our family grow and can’t wait to meet you for your first session soon!

Program Content & Coaching Methodology

The content of our sessions varies based on the stage of learning that our group is at, click on the age group applicable to your child to find out more:

Age Groups

2-3 year olds
4-5 year olds


In this learning stage classes we have a ratio of 6 children to one coach.

What This Learning Stage Involves

In our FUNdamentals stage maximising the number of touches of the ball per session is the main priority. Our coaches focus on getting players familiar with the ball, building dribbling skills and gaining spacial awareness in the context of football.

In this early stage the aim of the game is to have fun, we plan out six different activities to keep children interested as attention spans can be short. Each session start off with games without the ball to develop fundamental movement skills. After this all children are given a ball each and introduced to games and activities that 2-5 year olds can really relate to and enjoy whilst building foundations to build upon.

What A Typical Session Looks Like

0-5 Minutes- Warm Up Game

The warm up game will always incorporate a lot of action and speed and often involve some form of friendly competition.
This activity acts as a warm up and ice breaker. The coach will be very vocal in this part of the session giving the children encouragement and getting them moving.

5-10 minutes- Fundamental Movement Skills Game

The fundamental movement skills game will aim to develop key competencies such as balance, coordination and agility. Games here include movements such as change of direction, jumping and stopping quickly.

10-20 minutes Ball Control Game

At this stage of the lesson each player will be given a ball each games will focus on travelling with the ball close to the feet, being aware of the space around them and avoiding use of the hands.

20-30 minutes- Ball Control Game Progression

The ball control game will then be progressed to look at different parts of the body to control the ball with as well as ways to change speed and direction.

30-40 minutes- Core Skill Activity

Here either dribbling, passing or shooting will be focussed on in more detail. Simple technique points will be delivered and children will then be given the opportunity to practice this in an instant feedback scenario.

40-50 minutes- Core Skill Activity Progression

The core skill in focus will then be incorporated within a competition.

A Word From One Of Our Coaches

“The FUNdamentals stage is so important to the development of a good footballer, everything that we do here in this level relates to having good control of the ball and this underpins all of the skills that we layer on top of this later” – Marno Vorster, Football DXB Coach

Age Groups



In this learning stage classes we have a ratio of 10 children to one coach.

What This Learning Stage Involves

In our skill development phase the aim is the help our children develop the key building blocks required to be a successfully player. We focus on one of the four core skills of shooting, dribbling, passing or defending in each session. The combination of technical work in these areas and competitive scenarios teaches empowers our players to successfully implement the techniques that we cover in sessions.

What A Typical Session Looks Like

0-15 Minutes

The warm up focuses on technical play and helps children to become comfortable with the football at their feet through fun, active and stimulating games.

Here children will hone dribbling, turns, skills and ball manipulation with each child work individually with a ball or in pairs. The key to the warmup is mastering basic ‘on the ball techniques’ providing the foundations for more advanced skills to be built upon.

“I learned all about life with a ball at my feet”- Ronaldinho

5-10 minutes- Fundamental Movement Skills Game

The fundamental movement skills game will aim to develop key competencies such as balance, coordination and agility. Games here include movements such as change of direction, jumping and stopping quickly.

15-40 Minutes
The Four Core Skills

The second part of the session will focus on four core skills:

The players will learn a variety of techniques and skills across the four core main components of football, with one of the four core skills being brought into focus for three weeks each over the 12 week course.

“Behind every kick of the ball there has to be a thought”- Dennis Bergkamp

40-60 Minutes
Competitive Match

The final third of the session gives children the opportunity to put into practice the core skill in focus into a competitive match situation.
Within these matches our coaches will be giving specific to individuals and the team as a whole as to ways in which they can maximise the benefits of implementing the core skill in focus in a match.

“We don’t want to tell our dreams we want to show them on the pitch” – Cristiano Ronaldo